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Hello all, as this is my first time making a weblog, it feels funny writing content to people you will most likely never meet let alone know.

oh well, heres a little bit about me, im 18 years old, a Leo, im currently studying Computing, Electronics and Music Technology (with 1 year left) and have a Diploma in Modern Music, in 2009 i hope to study a Degree in Artificial Intelligence as i think this subject is quite unique and has alot of interesting strands coming off of it including video game development which is a possible life goal for me at the moment.

my interests are, listening to lots of Music, genres range from Heavy metal to Electronica, Rock, Jazz and Classical music. Playing Guitar (i have been playing for nearly 9 years now) and , whether or not i like it (damn you Kojima!) Video Games, im also seen as a bit of an otaku (i will talk about this a bit more later). I have always been a lurker to many many websites and have FINALLY (many thanks to Danny Choo) decided to set up my own blog with the aid of WordPress.

once i mess around with wordpress some more i will post a little more (i promise).